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ABC Radio Alice Springs: Film reviews

The Drive program with Rohan Barwick.

On air and written reviews for the blog. See here for the podcasts and links to the ABC website.

ABC Film reviews Covers



Down Under Berlin: Australian Film Festival



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INdi Loves Girls

For all things art, culture, fashion, architecture, interiors, events, street style, and music, check out

I am thrilled to be collaborating with this fabulous online magazine/creative agency and will periodically select from the vast amount of cool stuff iNdi is covering and share it here.

In the meantime, you should find them, follow them, and love them on a regular basis.

I do and it’s well worth it.

Today I’ve shared my most recent pop cult love with them.

So now, iNdi Loves: Lena Dunham’s Girls too.

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Film Review. ‘In A Better World’.

Excerpt from film review. ‘In A Better World’.  Published ABC Local Radio Alice Springs, Drive program blog. July 2011

“In a better world centres around the lives of people in two families – both struggling with change. Claus and his son Christian are struggling to cope with grief. Claus commutes to work between Denmark and London, while trying to recover from his wife’s death after a battle with cancer, and Christian is adapting to life in a new place and a new school, without his mother. Anton and Marianne are also facing challenges…”


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Film Review. ‘The Iron Lady’.

Excerpt from film review. ‘The Iron Lady’.  Published ABC Local Radio Alice Springs, Drive program blog. February 2012

‘…flashbacks to the past including her childhood working in her father’s grocery store, her career in politics and her relationship with her husband and children. The Iron Lady tells the story of a woman’s rise to power, and her gradual decline into old age, while dealing with dementia.

Review: Meryl Streep’s performance in this film is incredible with a mesmerizing performance as Margaret Thatcher, and in fact – award winning. She picked up the Best Actress Golden Globe award, and is nominated for Best Actress also at the upcoming Academy Awards. There is a strong supporting cast, though Olivia Colman’s…’

Film Review. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.

Excerpt from film review. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.  Published ABC Local Radio Alice Springs, Drive program blog. November 2011

“…that only the marriage of a human and a vampire can create. The final novel in the Twilight Series – Breaking Dawn, has been made into two films, this being Part 1. So of course this one ends on a cliffhanger. Fans must wait another year or so to see what happens next to Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Review: I watched the first three films in the series, almost back to back over a weekend, at home on DVD. The big screen experience of watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 certainly improved my experience of the story. Also, in spite of there being key ‘staples’ across the films: big sweeping shots of clifftops, raging seas, the tall misty forests, there is a clear difference between the first three films and this one. Each film looks slightly different, and each has a different director. This film was directed by…”

Film Review. ‘Red Dog’.

Excerpt from film review. ‘Red Dog’.  Published ABC Local Radio Alice Springs, Drive program blog. August 2011

“…with still, crisp shots of stark mined landscapes, sparkling salt pans, the wide open road and the big big sky. The strength of this film for me was definitely the strong sense of place and time. Then there’s the dog. I’m not a huge dog lover but Koko the kelpie was very well cast in the role of Red Dog. I had read the book recently and found I was disappointed in the film’s telling of Red Dog’s story. The book spoke very much from the dog’s point of view, and gave you some sense of what the dog’s experience might…”

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