Short Story. ‘Berlin Daze’

Excerpt from short story. ‘Berlin Daze’.  Published 2013.  NT Literary Awards Publication

Shortlisted.  Northern Territory Literary Awards.  Charles Darwin University Travel Category.

“…My new friends in Berlin welcomed me warmly.  My German crept along, as we blew the dust off their English.  An old friend I came to be with was kind and patient as she translated so much between me and everyone else.  We drank Radlers, and moved from one plate of Spargel to the next.  We walked and walked.  We drove laps of Kreuzberg looking for new and interesting cafes, and I looked longingly at Görlitzer Park – wanting a day with a book in the grass.  But waking in the afternoon and moving blearily through the week made any kinds of outings seem too much. Tomorrow I’d say, and then wouldn’t go.

Sunlight streamed down upon Unter Den Linden.  Tourists rumbled over it, many with no sense of it.  I would see them with their cameras and my mind would fill with black and white images of women picking vegetables in this very place.  Back when Pariser Platz fed a starving city.  Back when the zoo animals roamed the streets.  I wondered what music people played when the wall came down.  It’s always urban, pop music, bouncy and joyous in my imaginings – music for dancing and squealing to.   But then I read about a man with a violin, how when the wall came down he played for the people, tears streaming down his cheeks, and I imagined this was in a less graffitied part of…”

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