Superhero Wednesday

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I have a regular gig writing editorial for DarwinLife Magazine, which I love.  I get to meet lots of really great and interesting people and although there is somewhat of a formula to this kind of work, I am given the freedom by my blessed editors to be as creative as I please and this kind of trust and faith should not be taken lightly.  It’s wonderful really.

This month I met some inspiring women as part of a feature on International Women’s Day and this post pays tribute to them. They all come from different backgrounds and all have a story to tell.  Writing the opening article for this feature reminded me what a unique breed Northern Territory women are.

“They roll up their sleeves and get on with it.  They are resourceful and hard working and it never occurs to them that their gender might be an issue.  They toil away until the wee small hours then get up to pack lunches and do school runs.  They drive trucks and bake cakes, go fishing and develop property. They run companies during the week and coach sport on the weekend. They help and heal and soothe and problem solve, they campaign and support and love and laugh.”

Amidst all the meetings with all the great people there are many surreal moments. This month’s happened at a photo shoot for the fabulous team at Sprout Creative. We had talked about their photo ideas the day before and they said they would organise costumes to fit with the magazine’s ‘International Women’s Day’ feature titled ‘Wonder Women’.

Little did I know as we marched to our shoot location that I would be striding through Darwin city with more than a dozen superheroes in pursuit.

Just another day at the office really.




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