Strange Days

TH flugfeld 2012

‘Look down.  The ground below is crumbling.  Look up. The stars are all exploding. Hey yeah, hey yeah oh.  Hey yeah, hey yeah.  It’s the last, day on earth, in my dreams, in my dreams.  It’s the end, of the world, and you’ve come back, to me.  In my dreams.  Between, the dust and the debris.  There’s a light, surrounding you and me.’ Words by Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall. ‘The Last Day on Earth’ – Kate Miller-Heidke.

It’s really been a very strange December.  The world’s exactly the same, but a little bit mad all at once.  People are still flailing about aimlessly, rehashing the same old nonsense.  I slept through a magnitude 7.3 earthquake this week.  I wanted to be somewhere memorable at 12.12pm today, but I wasn’t.  I was just at the doctor. The world will end it seems this week also, making it hard to decide whether to start my Christmas shopping or not.

I’m way too busy freelancing to be overly concerned with my mortality and I feel like I should have at least googled something to prepare myself somehow….?  The days flick by and I move from doing a lap of a racetrack at more than 200kph in a one of a kind super car, to enjoying a pedicure in a luxurious new day spa for review purposes. While my life is ticking on in usual and unusual ways, there’s that fabulous monkey in Ikea in Toronto just wandering about, and totally rocking a sheepskin coat. Bless.

Anyway it seems no matter how strange the days, life just goes on.  So I’m pretty confident we’ll all still be here next week, and the one after that, and the one after that.  Somewhere in the world someone is always saying their goodbyes, and people are doing handstands amidst the flowers in the park. Life is great.


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