Article. Vintage Halloween with Etsy

Excerpt from article.  ‘ Vintage Halloween with Etsy’. As yet unpublished.

Hand made with love by English dressmaker Pyschobilly Bird and available now through Etsy, you might just get one of these fab 50’s pin up dresses in time for Halloween. With not a drop of fake blood in sight, and no pesky trails of cobwebs, the hand-sewn stitches in these dresses hit all the right spots to show off your killer curves. The frocks, adorned with vintage style horror flick cartoons are not like any Halloween costume you’ve ever rocked before. Move on from the clichés and instead of draping yourself in a sheet, or fishing out the old Morticia Adams wig, give yourself a cool and funky night on the town instead.

Cult horror film celebs — Dracula, Wolfman and Frankenstein — are the stars of these one of a kind, made to measure frocks. With signature fabric from the U.S. shoulder straps and a pencil skirt, you’ll knock ‘em dead as you hit the streets to trick or treat. We also love the mini vampire tank dress with poster print of cult classic B movie “Dracula’s Daughter”. Stretchy and sexy with a sprinkling of sparkly silver through the fabric, each of these dresses are also handmade. That of course means that this Halloween, you’ll avoid the awkwardness of turning up to the party in the same dress as somebody else.

To top off your outfit you can head to film and theatre milliner Topsy Turvy Design at Etsy and check out their gorgeous coloured leather Hitchcock fascinators. Inspired by the classic Hitchcock thrillers “Vertigo” and “The Birds”, the detail is divine, right down to the tiny birds spinning above the delicate netting.

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