Article. ‘Why you should invest in health care now’

Excerpt from article. ‘Why you should invest in health care now’. As yet unpublished.  

The old and the young

Despite economic uncertainty globally, growth is still assured as our population ages, and health care always seems to maintain strong performance, even amidst uncertainty.

Globally, thanks to our ageing baby boomers, we are about to have more retirees than ever before, and this places more pressure on the relevant industries to perform.  Maintaining and supporting health related quality of life for this generation is a costly exercise, and baby boomers do not come with low expectations of their entitlements.

At the other end of the scale, we are also faced with frightening statistics regarding the increasing burden of chronic diseases in young people.  Specifically this means non-communicable diseases resulting from drug use (tobacco and alcohol), poor nutrition and lifestyle factors.  Unfortunately, incidences of these diseases are increasing like never before.  A less active young population, coupled with influencing social factors mean respiratory and digestive disorders are on the rise and not slowing anytime soon.

Growth, safety and the joys of social media

But what does this mean for the investor?  Well, the foundations of wise investment choices lie in stable industry growth and safety of investment.  The health sector is one of the most regulated industries globally, therefore providing general consistency and a reasonable level of security, depending of course on the diversification of your investment.  The industry also is not easily swayed by shaky consumer sentiment.

Another appealing quality for consideration by the investor is an increasing online presence of the big health care companies, and health reporting in general.  Assuming you are engaged in social media, you can track the latest news in the industry in a much more dynamic way.  As companies tweet profits, vacancies, and new developments, you can be warned or reassured by what’s going on, any minute of the day.  The conversation is open and everyone of course has an opinion. Trending can be tracked and the investor is empowered to manage their investments in smarter and more engaging ways.

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