Artist statement: Visual artist – Lindsay Tunkl

Excerpt from artist statement.  Lindsay Tunkl.  2012
Lindsay Tunkl is an artistic being.  She uses a variety of mediums to express her creative self and is doing so from Berlin currently, in many dynamic and engaging ways.  Her and I recently spent a couple of hours working together on her statement.  We talked about her work, what she wanted to achieve through her work and how she does what she does.  It always takes a little longer to get the first paragraph out, but after that the rest of it can come together in a more organic way.  Below is the first paragraph of Lindsay’s artist statement.  For more about Lindsay and her work see Lindsay Tunkl online and These are heartbeats
“I create dialogues that focus on the fundamental engagements we have with ourselves, with each other and with the world around us.   I use video, photography, live performance, installation, and words.  I produce work that navigates the universality of human experience.  To create a place where the work and the viewer become reflections of each other.  In those reflections, I want the viewer to connect with the impetus of human emotion, and to understand how it is we learn to feel.”
Melinda Barlow and Lindsay Tunkl.  Sept 2012

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