You, and Me. Always. And Forever.

‘Then we watch TV, till we fall asleep.  Not very exciting, but it’s you and me, and we’ll, always, be together.  You, and me, always, and forever, bah, bah bah, bah bah.  It was always, you, and me, always, and forever.’ Words by The Wannadies. ‘You and Me Song’ – The Wannadies.  

As I raced along Kaiserdamm, in Charlottenburg earlier today, I was slowed in my tracks by two women, and not just because of their pace.  Where to begin – so many questions!  Who chose first?  Was it a two-for-one deal on contrasting tops? Did they flip a coin for who’d wear black with white, and who’d wear white with black?  I marched beyond them and into the U-bahn, with the hope that one day that might be me, strolling the street with a woman I adore, both giggling inside as we play dress ups into our twilight years.



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