Short Story. ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy’

Excerpt from short story. ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy’.  As yet unpublished.

“Cowboy? Princess? Fireman? Millionaire.  All reasonable.  Three of them are actual careers.  The 4th is the result of a very successful career, or some other stroke of fate or luck.  The way that dream looks when it is first made in our mind is not the same as the actual job you’d end up with though.  We know that right?

‘I wanna be a cowboy’ is about wanting to ride a horse and wear cool boots and a big hat.  It’s not about wanting to ride around for hours chasing stubborn cattle on a hot and dusty station, battling flies and thirst.  Plus – does anybody know what a cowboy gets paid these days?

‘I’m gonna be a princess when I grow up’.  First of all, no girl who says ‘gonna’ is going to be a princess.  Secondly, I bet Kate Middleton never knew that Princess actually meant Duchess.  None of us wanted to be…”

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