Article. ‘How To Start Exercising’.

Excerpt from article. ‘How To Start Exercising’.  Published 2009.

“….then go with this.  If the thought of exercise is so unbearable you will live with being overweight, out of shape, and feeling unhealthy, then this is ok if this is your choice! If it’s not, then take action and start walking. Decide it’s part of your life and begin.

  1. Get some exercise gear. For walking, get tight fitting black leggings, some lightweight fitted tops and a zip up sleeveless vest. Some good runners, a hat you love and sunglasses. These clothes make you feel skinny because they hug your shape, but the vest will keep you warm on cold mornings, PLUS hide your wobbly bits.
  2. Go for a drive with the thought of a walk in mind. Is there water nearby? Do you have a lake you can walk around, a river……”
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