Article. ‘How To Mend a Broken Heart’.

Excerpt from article. ‘How To Mend a Broken Heart’.  Published 2009.

“…our hearts are placed delicately, or some might say carelessly, in the hands of others, and before we know it our life is falling to pieces all around us.

So given that this has happened to me recently, I figured I was in a good position to offer some words of wisdom.  There is no stopping the pain.  It is like a freight train when it hits you, then every day, as the consequences unfold, you take bullet after bullet, until eventually all you can do is block it out in exchange for a sense of normality.

So here’s my top ten things to do to help you mend a broken heart.

  1.  Take a B Complex vitamin.  There are 2 reasons for this.  The first is that your body uses B Vitamins when it’s stressed, so while you are dealing with the loss of your relationship, your B Vitamins are being sucked up rapidly and need to be replenished to make sure you can cope with the daily challenges confronting you.  The second reason is that if you take them on an empty stomach you’ll fell really sick.  So you have to eat some toast or a banana or something before you take them.  You have to eat, and this is a way of tricking yourself to eat, without thinking you’re …”
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