Ad pitch. ‘Heinz Ketchup – Grown Not Made’.

Excerpt from ad pitch. ‘Heinz Ketchup – Grown Not Made’.  Pitched 2012. Ad America

Music: Harvest Moon – Neil Young.  First verse.



“…white wine and a fresh beer from the refrigerator. Julia goes back in and gets the salad and potatoes. They meet again at the table.  She puts the salad and potatoes down as Bill comes back from the grill and puts the steaks down.

Julia pours another glass of wine.  Bill returns from inside the house with wooden salt and pepper mills and a bottle of Heinz ketchup.  He puts the three ceremoniously on the table and they both sit.  The camera pans out as they begin to serve their food.  They both reach for the ketchup, smile at each other and Bill motions for Julia to go ahead. She takes the bottle from him and raises it over her steak as he reaches for the salt and pepper.  The music ascends and the camera angle widens to draw away from them.’

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