Film Review. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.

Excerpt from film review. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’.  Published ABC Local Radio Alice Springs, Drive program blog. November 2011

“…that only the marriage of a human and a vampire can create. The final novel in the Twilight Series – Breaking Dawn, has been made into two films, this being Part 1. So of course this one ends on a cliffhanger. Fans must wait another year or so to see what happens next to Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Review: I watched the first three films in the series, almost back to back over a weekend, at home on DVD. The big screen experience of watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 certainly improved my experience of the story. Also, in spite of there being key ‘staples’ across the films: big sweeping shots of clifftops, raging seas, the tall misty forests, there is a clear difference between the first three films and this one. Each film looks slightly different, and each has a different director. This film was directed by…”


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