In Transit…

Allepo, Syria. Taxi to a train to Damascus

Around the world, around the world.  Around the world, around the world.  Around the world, around the world.  Around the world, around the world’.  Words by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.  ‘Around the world’ – Daft Punk   

Well despite my best intentions, this blog has suffered at the hands of me doing actual work. It’s a lucky blogger who can say the blog they set up to generate work has been neglected because they had too much work. But it’s a new year and my time has not yet been all squirreled away so I start afresh in 2011 with the hope that here will always be a little bit of time left for some blogging. Maybe not daily but what I can when I can is better than nothing at all.
I’ve been filling up the creative tank today – pouring stuff in and keeping creativity alive. Some people just call it watching movies in bed but I like to think of it as more than that. A low grade head cold forced me away from writing my masterpiece, and into a quiet, still and horizontal place. I feel well and truly topped up though. I had a couple of hours in wintery LA with the existential 40 year old angst of ‘Greenberg‘, and a very moving emotive visit to India with the fantastic ‘The Waiting City‘ – one of the most powerful Australian films I have seen. I’ve just come back from a couple of months travelling so the usual unsettled feelings are all around me. The escape to the hustle and bustle of Kolkata was just what I needed as I try desperately to shake the call to prayer from my pysche and the tangible sense of disconnection I have as my sense of being ‘in transit’ continues to try to right itself….

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