New Year’s Revolutions

“You say you want a revolution.  Well, you know, we all want to change the world”.  Words by John Lennon.  ‘Revolution’ – The Beatles.

At a New Year’s eve party a few years ago, I asked the children gathered around what their new year’s resolutions were, which of course needed explanation. Sometime later, TF, 8 years old came back to me and said “Can I tell you my new year’s revolution tomorrow”. The grown ups laughed and laughed. “Of course” we said. She’s still thinking of one, which probably means it will be a doozy. But I think they’ll be revolutions to me from this day forth. Bless.

Hours later, I also found myself still filled with new year’s merriment (also known as tequila margaritas), and the star attraction in a clown suit at a one year old’s birthday party. What a way to start the year – dress ups and clown tricks and it’s only day 1.

So what are my new years revolutions – I don’t really have any, because I feel like I’m doing everything I want to do with, and for myself.  I of course want to do something big and grand and important.  I want to finish the year having done something that matters.  For a change.  What that is I can never decide because those things seem to creep up on us and before we know it we are entangled in a life changing thing that really, we should have done years ago.

So in the absence of a grand revolutionary idea, I toyed with the same one I have every year – to stop drinking coca cola. I always manage it for a bit but then one day it’s hot, there it is and I’m gone. This year I thought I’d not be so hard on myself and vow to not cut it out altogether, but to only drink Coke in the sky. It always tastes better on planes anyway. So there it is. Small revolution.

Oh and to say yes more often, and to be a better human being. That’s an oldy but a goody. So – fingers crossed.

Happy New Year and good luck with your revolutions ……

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